Change & Rain


The Land is turning to Farm and Home. The chicken coop into a greenhouse, a shed into a chicken coop, a field into beds, a house into a home, a stray into a lap cat, dormant branches into buds bursting and bird filled skies into blue bird skies into a new shade of cloud cover. Clouds, gray and purple, electric filled,  unbuttoning their rain filled pockets, our reintroduction to a distantly familiar tune and aroma, RAIN.

           It’s been a new destination, a new journey. Languages new to me, foreign  yet I know some of the words. I’m immersed and learning as quickly as I can. The birds are telling me things; they’re collecting threads and sticks and chirping “love?” and “nest!.” The soil is talking, but I am not experienced enough to decipher its requests, further tipping my ear patiently. The plants are swaying out their charades, it’s windy and warm and their new bed may not have all they desire. Oh boy, it’s a dance, a jig, a puzzled glance, a stewardship of a culture, one whose food I know I’ll love, but I’m not yet sure if I have the customs right. A language and labor of LOVE.
chicken coop greenhouse

chicken coop greenhouse


Hedwig, my farm companion.

Hedwig, my farm companion.





  1. rootsandwingsjewelryReply

    Aaaaah, it is SO exciting to see this transformation Kate!! It all looks so beautiful! Look at that green growing greenhouse! And Hedwig! Is he your friend now? And your house looks so so pretty…..the meditation room looks so perfect. I guess I’ll just have to come visit again soon and see it all for myself:) Much love to you friend, and thanks for sharing!

  2. Kate O'BrienReply

    Oh Ashely, you’re so sweet. Actually, all the blond chicks are named’s a bit of a long story, but I thought that would make you happy. I think of you often and constantly send my love!!

  3. Jae DanielReply

    Your chicken coop greenhouse is so awesome. Everything looks like it’s doing well. I had a rough go with Spinach again this year but everything else is working out. Love your blog. I can really relate.

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