End of the season bouquet at Homeward Bounty Farm

When I moved back into the valley at the base of Mount Shasta, where I was raised, my dad wrote me a card, where he loving titled this chapter of my life my “homeward bounty.” I had come home to grow food and seeds for the community that raised me and this plan manifested faster than I could have ever imagined; within a year I had land. In 2013 Homeward Bounty Farm began! For many years the farm ran a CSA membership, could be found a multiple local Farmers’ Markets, provided local organic food to prominent restaurants and we selected and saved our favorite seeds.

Now, as the seasons of my farming life has shifted, the farm has transitioned to just growing and vetting the best seeds appropriate to unique growing climates: mountain growing regions, that have short growing seasons. In these challenging times, with extreme drought, hotter summers, windier springs and falls, we need seed varieties that are resilient and can provide garden abundance, when times are tough.

With much passion, authenticity and gratitude our farm is happy to provide you with open pollinated, heirloom, certified organic, farm grown and adapted seeds!

May your growing season be abundant and bountiful ~

Love,  Farmer Kate and her family team