I’m not sure if we all continue to identify ourselves by where we grew up, for we have feet and access to shining, moving objects and go, grow, reassociate and reinvent. I feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to interact will all of those motions and have now come full circle. I, once again, live in the geography that has always been of my heart and soul and authenticity.
I’ve always been interested and drawn to the elements of life that connect us, to things that are real, things that can be understood purely out of our human nature.
That being said it shouldn’t seem odd that I’ve found the perfect fit in small scale agriculture, growing food and saving seeds. It has been the culture of agriculture that has struck me deep. The relationship we have with what we eat, how we eat, who we share meals with and how those acts define our days and lives. My food culture has become rich, very rich with the opportunity of travel, warm friendships and long, loud, family dinner tables.
An even more resonating chapter in my passion for food, seeds, the sun shining down with fidelity on the broad leaves of Red Express cabbage, is my recent move back to Siskiyou County and the honor of growing food and seeds for the community that raised me.
This blog shares the stories of this journey, the cultivation of land, a small farm called Homeward Bounty Farm.