Brought to you by the prefix re-

Re- agin, back, backwards. These last few days I’ve been reeling, I’ve been reing. I’ve been reacting, reassessing, reasoning, respiring with limited repose. I’ve been repairing, replanting, reflecting, remembering reaching green fields and really relying on reincarnation. It is again, back, backwards, but for many things there’s no going back. In our short growing season there’s no room to rewind. For now it’s the regaining of momentum, the rekindling of plant relationships and reattempting with resolve.

It is said that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. On Tuesday night in Grenada, we reached a low of  27 degrees and I can tell you that it didn’t make many of my plants stronger. I knew that it was going to freeze and by moonlight, for when the sun goes down so does the wind, Jonathan and I made sure that everything had a cover and was protected. I knew that the weather would play with us farmers a little, that nature would trow in the quintessential late spring sucker punch, but this one was completely below the belt, not cool dude!


IMG_0885 IMG_0887 IMG_0889 IMG_0892 IMG_0898


  1. cindyReply

    We covered our tomatoes plants but two of them were just too delicate. Holding out to plant more until this cold front passes. I propose we get together in the fall at the farm to plant wind-breakers. Hope it warms up soon! We are looking forward to some tasty greens.

  2. DustyReply

    Don’t pull them! the roots are still good and you will see regrowth in a few days! I didn’t even cover mine and got away with it.

  3. Kate O'BrienReply

    Thanks for all the support. Yes, I do believe that most of it will start to regrow. I just hope we then don’t get a warm spike and the weather and they start bolting. It’s all about balance! I’m looking forward to greens too. The lettuce is one of the winners of the storm
    and still looks beautiful!

  4. shansgardenReply

    Yay for the lettuce, and here’s to hoping the rest regrows. This sucker-punch missed us up here this time, but I don’t think winter has had its last say quite yet.

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