Not Romantic, but Yummy

I can officially say that I’ve indulged in the fruits of my labor. Sown from seed, cared for in the green house, planted out in the field with encouraging thoughts of Napa Cabbage grandeur. Allas, those chinese cabbages are truly fickle things when it comes to day length and heat. I knew that the cold nights and random 80 degree spikes of a few weeks ago would trigger its primal response, “if we don’t go to flower now and produce seeds then our whole gene pool will be lost. We’re not going to be able to survive these long hot days.” Plants interpret many different conditions as stressful; longer days, shorter days, extreme heat, extreme cold, too much water and not enough. These stresses can trigger premature bolting in some plant species. I’ve always found it extremely fascinating that that response is truly imbedded in their tissues and plant memory. What a drive. I wonder if it’s a individual battle of making sure that YOUR seeds are out there in the world or a collective consciousness, where each plant is responsible to invest their best for the greater good of the species. Regardless, up they went! When life gives you lemons, we all know what to do with them. So when mother nature gave me bolting (the term for plants flowering and going to seed) Napa cabbage I harvested the leaves and made a lovely saute with garlic and onions. The perfect green for a summer time burger! Not the most romantic of first harvest’s on my new land, but it had to be something. The bed is already cleared and a new crop has already taken it’s place. Live and learn.


  1. JanReply

    Kate this site and you and the pictures and your energy has made me warm and fuzzy and so excited and proud and happy happy happy for you. INSPIRATION!!!

  2. Jae DanielReply

    I feel your pain. I started my Napa 5 weeks ago and moved them to a cold frame in the garden about 2 weeks ago to make room under the lights for all the peppers and tomatoes. I would open the frame during the day and close it early enough to get warm for the night. Today I planted them in the beds and can see that many, if not all, are bolting. Truly finicky. So sad. Great blog you have. Glad I found you.

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