Food well loved – 2012

The year has turned and I’ve become resolute with resolutions. I know that I don’t need the significance of a New Year to inspire turn-inward reflections and analysis of a year past, in order to approach fresh this next go around the sun. It’s always argued that one can find inspiration for growth and change with every rise of every day, of that I have no doubt. I do however, find something grand and poignant with the beckoning of the New Year. Winter solstice has passed, and with it the daylight stretches out longer and our O’Brien Opas! become later. The cycle of the season has shown true this year. The winter weeks of resting farming bones are numbered, a green house to clean, crop plans to draw out, onions and cool weather crops to sow and hands grown soft begin their introduction to soil once more. Winter’s important role in recovery and rest, transitions into a tone of reinvestment as a new season whispers.

With the closing of 2012, I would like to share photos of loved food and loved friends, the glowing images of the bounty of love, laughter and satiated bellies that grew in abundance during Homeward Bounty’s first year. The support that carried this year will fuel many seasons to come. I greatly thank you, beautiful community, with the entirety of my heart!!

This upcoming year I wish you all vibrant meals of kale, aching smiling cheeks, arms grown strong with work and hugs and many, many adventures!



  1. Kate O'BrienReply

    That would be an amazing opportunity Diana. I am getting a bit of the travel bug indeed! For the most part I’m feeling pretty settled here in Siskiyou County 🙂 Thanks and cheers!

  2. john mersereauReply

    Kate- what a great looking scene you have created…I am inspired for my own garden, and would love to get some seeds from you when you are ready to market (maybe in some Ashley drawn packets?)
    Keep up the great digging in the dirt-hope you can get up this way again!!

  3. Gina CovinaReply

    Kate, looking at your blog after our phone conversation about seed packets, and just swooning with the beauty of Mt. Shasta beaming its particular sacred energy on your crops in the field. What a place to grow food! I look forward to your seeds—spinach especially, I haven’t grown spinach for seed yet.

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