WELCOME to the 2023 Growing Season!

Like a seed, this upcoming growing season has great potential for abundance and bounty, yielding connections to the earth and nourishment around your dinner table. Homeward Bounty Seed is honored to pollinate that connection with you, our valued community! 

We offer open pollinated, heirloom, Certified Organic, farm grown seeds, adapted for short season, mountain growing environments. All these elements make our farm and product quite special!

Open Pollinated ~ means you too can save your own seeds! If you grow our seed out, keeping isolation distance and the species of other plants in your garden in mind, these seeds will be true when you save them. Let our seeds be a launching pad for you to start your own seed saving project. 

Heirloom ~ means a variety has been around for a long time, mainly catalogued before 1945 (end of WWII and the beginning of widespread hybrid seed production). All heirloom seeds are open pollinated and have withstood the test of time due to vigor, flavor and yield. We also grow modern-day heirloom varieties, that have recently been bred to meet the needs of gardeners dealing with changes in climate and our desire for new and exciting garden delights. 

Certified Organic ~ Why are Organic seeds important? Well, farmers who grow crops for seeds need those plants to stay in the ground longer, which means that they have to battle weeds, pests and elements longer. Growing organic is more difficult, but we are committed to keeping our soil, water, air and food clean, for my family and for yours! 

Farm Grown! ~ Yes, every seed we sell is grown her on our farm in the Shasta Valley! This is rare for a seed company, where others often buy outside the farm in bulk and then sell. We get to see, vet, harvest and clean every seed that comes out of our field. We love knowing that our selection truly represents varieties that will do well in high elevation climates (we’re at 2,800′), with short growing seasons. 


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